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Stucco & EIFS Testing | Radon Testing | Commercial Building Inspections | Rehab Advisory




Stucco & EIFS Testing
DSP Structural Consultants might be compared to a doctor, with buildings as our patients. When there is a problem with moisture intrusion into a building, you need a proper diagnosis from a trained specialist. Whether you are an architect, homeowner, contractor, or realtor, obtaining accurate information is critical when making key decisions.

Our thorough investigation process and report format will provide you with the best and most accurate information available. Our reports are designed to be clear and easy to understand, even if you don't have a construction background. 


We have experience in providing technical assistance for all types needs, and we tailor our services to fit the individual requirements of each client. Our services are based upon technical correctness and as such, our investigations are impartial.

We provide services to:

  • Home Owners
  • Realtors
  • Home Buyers
  • Relocation Companies
  • Contractors & Builders
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Insurance Companies
DSP provides inspection services, and concise, accurate reports, the basis by which critical decisions can be made. If problems are found, we can assess if the moisture leaks have caused damage to your home or building, and give you an idea of the extent of damage.

You can be assured that our assessments are factual because we do not offer repair services. We can determine if your exterior system is in good condition, needs maintenance, or has major problems, and you can trust that our opinions are based on fact, not on the hope of a profitable repair contract. 

Our investigation and testing services include:  
Field Inspection & Testing
  • Want to know if you have a moisture problem? . . .we can tell you.

  • Phase I (visual) & Phase II (intrusive) testing.

  • EIFS surface moisture scans and invasive moisture probe testing.

  • Building moisture diagnostics (roof, flashings, windows, wall claddings, etc.) and moisture analysis of the individual components.

  • Invasive wall cutouts and destructive testing.
  • Leak testing.
Code & Construction Document Review
  • Building a new home or commercial building, and want to be sure it's done right? . . .we can help.
  • Architectural drawing reviews.
  • Identification of design & construction defects.
  • Third party verification that EIFS and stucco work is being performed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
Forensic Investigations
  • Do you need to know what went wrong? . . .our depth of experience can help to identify the problem sources & responsibilities of the respective parties. 
  • Determining the under-laying cause of cladding failures. 
  • Sometimes a leakage problem is not in the wall cladding at all; rather the problem may be in the windows, doors, flashings, sealants, roof or architectural details. We can assist in identifying liability to respective parties.
  • Identify construction defects, assessing the extent of damages, and detailing the scope of needed repairs.




Radon Testing
SE Minnesota is categorized as a Zone 1 (High Potential) in the EPA’s radon risk potential map of the U.S. Our experience has been that over 48% of the houses we have tested in the SE Minnesota area, had results higher than the EPA’s recommended action level of 4.0 pCi/l (picocurries per liter – the standard measurement for radioactivity). These results are consistent with those of the Minnesota Department of Health, and several local County Health Departments. We recommend that all houses be tested to determine their radon level, especially if the lower levels are utilized as living areas. Small children and smokers are especially susceptible to the health risks associated with high radon levels.  See RADON Facts for more in-depth information about radon.

USGS - U.S. Map Of Radon Potential

Us Radon Map

(Click on thumbnail to expand to full view)


EPA - Minnesota Map Of Radon Potential
Minnesota Radon Map
(Click on thumbnail to expand to full view)

Visit the EPA website at for more information on radon and what you can do to protect yourself.

To be certain of the accuracy of a radon test result, and if the result is going to be used in a Real Estate transaction, we strongly recommend that all testing be performed only by individuals that have completed the training prescribed by the EPA through their Radon Proficiency Program, or other accepted form of certification program. The in-depth training and certification process provided, will help to ensure that the individual performing the measurement is qualified to do so. DSP is EPA listed and is certified as a Radon Measurement Specialist by the National Radon Safety Board.  DSP provides radon testing that conforms to EPA (ID#: 180650T) and NRSB (ID#: SS3132) standards.

Using EPA testing protocols, the minimum allowable duration for a radon test is 2 days (48 hours). We recommend at least a 5 or 7 day test, but during a Real Estate transaction a 2 day test may be the only option available. Due to the limited time contingencies involved in a typical  transaction, we utilize the services of an independent local laboratory to analyze and process our test results, thereby ensuring a speedy turnaround. In most cases, once a test is completed -and-  if we can pick up our test equipment in the morning,  we can have the results for you that very afternoon.



Commercial Building Inspections
DSP Structural Consultants provides inspection services for individuals or
businesses who plan to purchase commercial property, whether single or multi-story.
We have wide-ranging experience in
this area and have inspected
numerous hotels and motels, multi-story
office buildings, large apartment
complexes, and industrial &
manufacturing facilities. We can
provide expertise in many diverse
areas such as current ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) requirements,
environmental assessments, etc.


Rehab  Advisory
DSP Structural Consultants specializes in inspecting & evaluating properties
that need repair, for banks and mortgage companies who offer Purchase and

wpe4D.jpg (9642 bytes)

Rehabilitation loans. A detailed
inspection is first performed,
and then we assist in providing
design and layout assistance if
any structural modifications or
renovations are to be made to the
house. A detailed written work
plan and cost estimate is developed, that will be used as a "blue print" for
implementing the needed repairs. We also act as the lender’s inspector during
the construction process, ensuring that the work is completed properly and
within budget.



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