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How A Home Inspection Differs From Other Inspections


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  • Provides peace of mind.
  • Provides knowledge of potential defects.
  • Allows you to make a more informed decision.

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  • Save valuable market time & money by avoiding last minute delays.
  • Helps to identify problems so a realistic price can be determined.

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  • Protects the investment of lenders.
  • Helps eliminate "last minute delays" at closing.
  • Helps to protect brokers and agents against litigation.
"The inspection process we offer is designed to provide you with information about potentially significant expenses that may affect your buying or selling decision.  The Inspection and Report we provide, will put you in a much better position to make an informed decision about your new purchase or the sale of your existing one."    -    Doug Pencille

For more information on what a Home Inspection is, see How To Prepare For A Home Inspection and What We Look At. . .


  • The municipal building inspector is there to be sure that the house is built to current codes, which many times are only "minimum industry standards".  Be aware that Building Codes are great as far as they go.  Unfortunately, they do not address many important issues such as: workmanship, waterproofing, exterior components such as landscaping, paved surfaces, etc.  Also, has the city building inspector been back to the house since it was built?. . .I don't think so.   The city building inspector generally does a good job, but is often overworked and rarely spends more than 5-10 minutes on site per visit.    Something else many people are unaware of is that when buying a brand new home, you can close escrow on the house without all the required municipal inspections having been finalized!  In this particular locality, a formal "Certificate of Occupancy" is only issued if requested (either by you, your lender, or your builder).  This request is what triggers a full review of your municipal inspection file, to ensure that all required inspections have been performed and signed off on.  See Certificate of Occupancy.
  • The FHA or VA inspector is there to protect the investment of the government.
  • The appraiser is working for the bank and is there to protect the bank's investment.  He is hired by you in an indirect way, but rarely spends more than 30 minutes on site, with his main focus being the market value of the property.  Rarely will you even have a chance to meet face-to-face, or talk to your appraiser.
  • The professional home inspector should spend at least 2 hours on site (sometimes more) if a house is inspected thoroughly.  The private home inspector is generally the only impartial party working just for you, during a real estate transaction. Why is this? Other than the inspection fee, a private home inspector should have no anticipated financial interest in the property. 
For a more detailed description of what we look at, check out:  What We Look At. . .


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